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About Us

Dear Ladies, let me begin by saying that poshlinks is the insurance to have something new in your closet always, without having your husbands squabbling for any extravagance! It’s probably the only ‘desi’ platform where you can both sell your used gems and find new treasures with us at second hand price. So basically, poshlinks’ acclaimed job is to refresh your closet and keep your husbands hushed with least expenses!

poshlinks feeds on best quality and expected usability of every item, providing a first class shopping experience is our sole aim. Our experts pay close attention to the authenticity and condition of all the second hand items displayed on our portal as per the descriptions provided by the seller for the customers browsing through our website and app.

The poshlinks is a well-tailored combination of high end exclusive designer clothes and accessories put on sale to compete flea-market prices. In other words, we are bound to throw some sweet surprises each time you browse through our portal.

For the love of acronyms, we prefer calling poshlinks, PD, so if you find PD displayed often on the website, look not for explanations!

What’s More?
We have an abundance of unique ladies’ luxury items looking for a new home and getting new finds enlisted on our sale leaves us hopping and prancing like frogs in the rain! Yes, in spite of the already low set prices, be ready to get bombarded with Discounted Sales every now and then!

poshlinks offers you a platform to spread styling tips like wildfire, find new friends, gossip about the latest fashion trends or popular classics. Share your knowledge of fashion fusion with like-minded friends and make some more space in your wardrobe all along amassing enough fodder to brag about among your peers! Or just browse through our interactive blogs and news feeds for latest styling hacks and fashion feeds coupled with expert advice to keep you engaged and entertained.

We founded poshlinks because of…
Going indecisive at the mall, or ending up buying things that never see the light of the day is the pain no physician can understand, but we do! But the bad-buy for you could be the very thing someone else is yearning for.
If you haven’t found out the one yet, don’t fret, if it’s meant to be it will be on sale soon, just keep the hunt on!

Who are we?
We are a team of style-crazy, multitasking young and bumbling bunch of effervescent and energetic enthusiasts who not only understand and love, but live high fashion.

Contact me :
00 92 3111 4488841 |