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Styling Unstitched Suits from Famous Women’s Clothing Brands in Pakistan

Styling Unstitched Suits from Famous Women’s Clothing Brands in Pakistan

Readymade clothes have thousands of replicas at every outlet and online in n number of sizes across nation and even beyond, leaving you flabbergasted with the sameness! That’s one major reason why I prefer unstitched variety. Just get it stitched the way you like and break the monotony in a major way, meanwhile call yourself a designer, all you like! If you want to move over the readymade clothes, get your hand on some amazing unstitched lawn and silk collections splayed across the market. Most famous clothing brands in Pakistan bring out their heavily advertised unstitched collection every season. There is a wide range to choose from.

The only hassle is to get them stitched right, find a tailor you trust more than your mama! Stitching takes time, not belittling the fear of ruining it! But the final product in its full glory with all the pattis and patches neatly placed is a satisfaction unmatched.

Tips to Style your Unstitched Suits with Perfection-

I may not be a very famous designer, but I am hyper-imaginative about what my outfit should be like, that is if my tailor does justice to my recommendations! Here are some dependable tips to get the breath-taking final jora out of an unstitched suit from any famous (or even not so famous) women’s clothing brands in Pakistan.

  • First thing first!

Think through how you would like to wear it. Make a mood board of it and imagine the outfit as having a personality of its own, which of course, aligns with your preference. So if it’s a plain suit with a standout dobatta, a simple shalwar qameez can work best. Or if it’s a trendy print, then go for smart cuts and cigarette pants.

  • Style me up!

Be aware what looks best on your body type. For example short bohemian kurtas and frocks look hideous on me. But it can totally go with your personality, or may be long shirt and dangly laces. Make a note of chic cuts, and cigarette pants or flared ones, whatever suits your body type. Go with the style you are sure you can pull off with élan. Design it accordingly and make it stand out.

  • Accessories to match!

Find the right accessories to match with your jora. You don’t have to load yourself up with everything matching from tip-to-toe. The mantra is to find a balance with pieces that go well with your outfit, not necessarily having the same color tones. For example, if your outfit is a monochrome one with heavy printed dupatta, then think of peppy earrings and poppy khussas. If your outfit is colorful, do a plain-Jane with may be a flirty lipstick.

That’s about how I like my outfits, will be sharing more style tips in days to come… But I am more interested in hearing you out. Don’t forget to share how you plan your outfits.

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