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Ramazan 2020 Fashion in Times of Covid 19, e LaButique1 Style!

Ramazan 2020 Fashion in Times of Covid 19, e LaButique1 Style!

Ramazan Mubarak folks!

A few days ago I saw a meme saying 2020 is everything 2012 tried so hard to be, and it got me feelings!! Never even in my wildest thoughts, I thought about a complete halt, a standstill so resounding that everything in its wake looks all meaningless! Is it Karma telling us who is in charge? Or maybe the planet needed break to breathe in fresh! Either way, it’s a lockdown on all but essential human activities!

We will not be having elaborate iftar parties or sahoor together this time, but there is still so much to be done. A global lockdown is on, and in spite of all the limitations we have got to make the most of it. Be grateful for the umpteen privileges we own to make this unusual Ramazan and even more unusual Eid premixed with apno ki yaad and fikr, a remarkable one for the rest of our lives to come!

Down below are some things you can jot yourself up to stay fashionable and frugal in the times of Covid19.

  • Many parts of the country are sealed with strict quarantine instructions and reservations. Most of us cannot go out for those annual Ramazan special shopping sprees. With little options around, we have to find out what to do to stay fashionable yet frugal at the same time. Sieving through your cupboard for clothing items you can use during the lockdown can actually make you discover things which you have forgotten and are but stunning!
  • With nowhere to go or no one coming to see you either, take out your time to look into your wardrobe and find out dresses which have been rotting somewhere beneath a stash of forgotten clothes. Show them the light of the day. Channel in the designer in you and make changes according to what suits you best and what looks chic. Be it chopping off a few details or adding more, an old jora can be relished anew with just a few tweaks!
  • While you look in your treasury, you will discover pieces which have never been worn. If it is already stitched, mind it destiny favors you! If it needs stitching, it is time to take out your sewing machine rusting behind the cupboard, oil it up and turn the wheel rolling. You can even watch Youtube tutorials about how to stitch from scratch and make a new jora on your own, trust me it is not that difficult!

You do not have to have a new outfit to look pristine. It just takes a nice well crafted dress along with nice makeup and accessories that do the trick!

Take out the clothes you have been stocking for long without having any intention to wear them any soon. Either distribute these to the needy or just sell them at LaBoutique1 and make nice clothing easily available for even those who can afford little only for their Eid prep.

While you are at it, pray for the humanity, give out in charity and lend a helping hand to people as many and as much as you can. Let’s pledge to help those underprivileged and in need who are worst hit due to the pandemic and its ensuing economic effects.

Please remember me and mine in your prayers.

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