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How to Get Affordable Designer Clothes Online?

How to Get Affordable Designer Clothes Online?


Is that even a thing?? The question is legit, given that even the words that rhyme with affordability cringe from appearing in the same sentence as the big designer brands like Gucci, LV, and the family!

Somehow your mental lexicon can’t distinguish between designer wear and affordability, isn’t it? To slit off the disparity between the two, LaBoutique1 has brought forth its collection of affordable designer clothes online. Yeah that’s right!

The trick to it is not spending a huge bomb on a designer piece you have been lusting after. Instead, surf through our LaBoutique1 mobile app online and grab some amazing deals on pre-owned designer clothes, shoes and accessories at the price you drop your jaw at!

Oh no, no, no – Misconception Busted!

LaBoutique1 is not about handing you over second hand goodies alone, it has an amazing collection of brand new designer stuff too, from famous women’s clothing brands in Pakistan and much more. And on top of it all, it even gives you a fair opportunity to sell your preloved goodies that have been languishing in your closet since forever! If you happen to be a vendor, you can display your brand new clothes and accessories for men, women and kids and establish a business on board with us.

Essentially, LaBoutique1 is a small marketplace on its own, where you can get anything and everything. A one stop fashion shop where you can have any brands you can name, both international and desi, at the prices to lavishly splurge on without having to worry about your husbands getting finicky!!

Here pops the question- HOW?

LaBoutique1 has launched its own mobile app available on both IOS and Android, which you can download, share and access world-wide and enjoy a world-class experience at shopping. The app aims to give our sellers the opportunity to display their products both used and brand new, and earn their worth online, while the buyer is free to select from the umpteen choices offered at the price to die for. Detecting the quality, authenticity and condition of each item displayed so that neither the seller nor the buyer has to go through a rough deal, is the dope we are high on.

Why LaBoutique1?

The answer is simple! It’s the only authentic desi platform where you can decide your budget and spend as you like. We have a good collection of authentic designer products both brand new and second hand to choose from. And if you have branded products you are tired of, but guilty to part ways with, sell it here.

LaBoutique1 Mobile App

Download the app now and find the right products to fit your fashion fantasies by laying hand on the most affordable designer clothes online.

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