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Cool Summer Dress Ideas To Make You Look Fab!

Cool Summer Dress Ideas To Make You Look Fab!

Summers are here to stay and make you look dull, drab and boring. Its one season, where sweat rules the ramp and ice feels the only thing to fight out the heat. Alas, the problem is you can’t sit in ice all day!

While you sit sweating, a few summer dress ideas can sort you through. Hence we have got a few summer fashion tips that you need in your life to at least look as cool as a cucumber this hot and hampering season.

Swear By Lawn!

Cotton is all cool, but when the sun is pouring down fire, nothing beats the comfort of the classic lawn. Yes, its the fabric that remains on the cheat list of all the fashion enthusiasts all summer. It’s the lightest softest fabric that spells a soothing charm on your scorched skin. Try out classic shalwar suits with crunchy crispy printed dubattas, or just remain fuss free with lose fits and high on style pants and kurtis. Either ways, lawn is here to grab more eyes and hearts than you may willingly accept.

Fill In The Colors!

Colors are the best way to remain chic while evaporating that sweat. Pastel is the way to go if you want to play safe. If you are bold enough, experiment with rich tones and splash on baby! If you are the one who likes to split the color quotient, then try the safe bet and use bright poppy colors and prints with the classic white bottoms. You never go wrong with whites in tow, and with a touch of gold on whites… you can make any sundry outfit heavenly, trust me on that.

Fits And Styles!

Slim fits look fabulous when it is the time of the year when you can flaunt a little curve here and there. Summer screams for comfort, so relax your body and go lose fits. Flowy contours may look not only regal but will make you feel chilled out too, without having you to perspire profusely for the sake of fashion.

Make Up But Keep It Low!

Never mind if the caption doesn’t make much sense. Though it must hold a deep meaning if you look further enough. What I mean is keep your makeup light and non greasy, of course, silly me! Stay away from too much shimmer unless you are gonna walk the ramp and feel all floozy. Stay chic with minimal makeup. Just a dab of correct base, a strike of kajal and a pop of lipstick… the combination goes wrong never!

Be Sun Safe!

Last but not least, staying sun safe is a smart way o keep your skin look healthy and fresh. Slather yourself with as much of sunscreen as required and beat the heat the smart way. Don’t shy away from sharing your sunscreen with the boys too… they need it too babe.

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