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Best Tips on How to Iron Heavy Ladies Designer Clothing

Best Tips on How to Iron Heavy Ladies Designer Clothing

There will be many tips and tricks splayed about how to iron heavy ladies designer clothing online. But to be honest some of those tips are so bogus that you better sift through them. The heavily embellished garments by no means fall in the affordable designer clothing online category that you can let them be, or God forbid, manhandle them!

Being delicate and caring with these expensive and famous women’s designer branded clothing is a compulsion, I tell you! But this compulsion can really get easy if you know the tricks of trade.

Wedding season is about to begin and you will need your shadi waley jodey to show the light of the day. And you will need to bring life back to that heavy amma ka dupatta or your shadi ka joda or the one you have worn once only on your bhai/bahan ki shadi! Now, is the time to recreate the same magic, but how to get the creases out of the dress?

Here I spill the beans-

  • First of all, hang the joda neatly on a hanger in the bathroom preferably, while you are having a shower. Why did I say that, well coz it will serve two purposes, one that you will get clean, two your joda will get steamed naturally along the way!

If you think it’s too risky, then use the steam press for a quiet and neat hot drizzle.

  • I am deliberately not suggesting hands-down ironing equipment and a table, coz those embellishments on either net, chiffon, crepe or silk can make the fabric jerk or even tear. Also never forget that the metal embellishments make the clothes dented when you press it down! And that my love, just takes away the grace from your OOTD!
  • Once well steamed, now let the joda dry out on its own. Or better still use your hair-blower for max effect. Believe me it’s a dreamy way , coz not only its easier, and quicker it’s a lot less hassle than having to spread the heavy joda on table and let the gravity along with the heavy iron press it down leaving dents where the fabric has no embroidery or embellishment. Or, if it’s heavily embellished, believe me, no iron is meticulous enough that can let the heat navigate through heavy embroidery!

I find shower and blower trick the best, if you have any other way easier or less time consuming, let me know in the comment box and share with our small but forever inviting community at LaBoutique1.

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